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Case view / Predictly


Redesigning the website for a tech dev agency.

The job was to identify a new overarching goal with the website, reimagine their visual identity and to redesign their website.

Anton Ekengren workshopped the business goal of the website together with the client and identified a new web structure that would give them the right conditions.

  • Website redesign
  • Brand redesign

My role

Predictly needed an overhaul of their online presence and marketing that could be flexible and used for both talent recruitment and winning new work.
Anton Ekengren in collaboration with the marketing agency Buysiness Reflex was hired to identify a new digital strategy, redesign the website, and to create a visual identity and a design system that matched company goals and values.

UI Documentation

Creation of ui documentation so that developers can code well.

Provide Assets

Ensure assets contained in the design are usable and provided in various formats.

Web design

Creating overviews of interactive components to establish the structure and flow of possible design solutions.

UI design

Visually design every element of the website while making sure nothing goes wrong when the web is developed.

Brand touch-up

Recreating various assets for digital use, redefining the colour palette to fit modern use, and defining a suitable typeface.


To secure that the requirements obtained meet the target market.

Content audit

I started off the project by mapping out the current information architecture of the website and worked with the client to describe what the main focus should be, and to shift the layout of information in a way that was more user-friendly and matched the goal of the site.

Laying out the content

After identifying the updated content structure for the website, I proceeded to create wireframes organizing this content into sections, and to create a new design system. The aim was to present the content in a manner that fulfilled both business objectives (encouraging talent to apply for open positions) and user objectives (Explaining what they do and showing a great workplace). After establishing a layout that emphasized key content and ensured user-friendliness, I transitioned to high-fidelity designs to refine the visual aspects. The completed designs are available in the redesign section.


Updated styleguide

Final design

Dashboard mockup
Currently available

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